Funeral Cover

The cost of a funeral can be expensive and could place a financial burden on those remaining behind. This policy takes away some of the stress during a difficult time by paying a lump sum benefit upon the death of the insured person, eligible spouse or eligible child.


Funeral-Care Gap Cover Benefits And Premiums

Funeral-Care-Benefits Travel Cover of R5 000 000 per insured with an option to buy up

Funeral-Care Gap Cover Waiting Periods

A 3-month general waiting period will apply

Funeral-Care Gap Cover Expectations 

Turnberry shall not be liable for the payment of the sum insured whether directly or indirectly caused by related to or in consequence of:

  • Nuclear weapons or nuclear material or by ionising radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel. For the purpose of this exception combustion shall include any self sustaining process of nuclear fission;
  • Suicide within the first two years of commencement or reinstatement;
  • The taking of any drug or narcotic unless prescribed by and taken in accordance with the instructions of a Medical practitioner (other than the Insured person) or drug addiction;
  • An event directly attributable to the Insured person having an alcohol content exceeding the legal limit or the Insured person suffering from alcoholism or any illness caused by the use of alcohol;
  • Participation in
    1. a. Criminal acts and/or violation of an act of law.
    2. b. Active military duty policy duty police reservist duty civil commotion labour disturbances riot strike or the activities of locked-out workers.
    3. c. Aviation other than as a passenger.
    4. d. Any form of race or speed test (other than on foot or involving any non-mechanically propelled vehicle vessel craft or aircraft);
  • Pre-existing medical conditions – a pre-existing medical condition is any illness or condition that existed at the time of, or prior to application. This illness or condition must be disclosed in the declaration of health contained in the application form.

Funeral-Care Gap Cover Age Limit


  • Maximum entry age is 65 years next birthday
  • A child may be on the policy up to the age of 19 years if they are not full time students but are dependent on the principal insured. If a child is a full time student they may be on the policy up to the age of 21 years


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Application Form

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Disclaimer: This document is a summary for information purposes only and does not supersede the policy terms and conditions. In the event of any discrepancy, the policy, terms and conditions will prevail. Underwritten by Sanlam Developing Markets Ltd (FSP no. 11231).