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There is a growing gap between what the medical aid benefits cover for certain in-hospital procedures versus the actual cost of the procedures, and associated costs such as specialists’ fees, anaesthetist costs, etc.

Turnberry ensures that any potential shortfalls in medical costs for in-hospital treatment are adequately covered.

Turnberry offers a range of gap-cover products best suited to your needs, providing unsurpassed service, while at the same time helping you to avoid the potential financial burden of exorbitant medical expense shortfalls.

What is Gap Cover?

GAP cover – vital funding for the excess between specialist charges and what your medical aid will pay for these unavoidable in-hospital costs. It’s like power steering, no longer an optional extra, but a must-have standard feature.


Latest Claims Paid from Turnberry Gap Cover Benefits

Hip Replacement Claim

  • Total Procedure Cost – R64,571.28 100%
  • Amount Covered by Medical Aid – R16,326.30 25%
  • Amount Covered by Turnberry Benefit – R46,361.39 75%

Rugby Injury Claim

  • Total Procedure Cost – R29,993.90 100%
  • Amount Covered by Medical Aid – R9,146.90 30.50%
  • Amount Covered by Turnberry Benefit – R19,987.00 69.50%

Spinal Discectomy Claim

  • Total Procedure Cost – R101,302.42 100%
  • Amount Covered by Medical Aid – R34,343.42 34%
  • Amount Covered by Turnberry Benefit – R66,959.00 66%