The Machi Filotimo Cancer Project is a non-profit company registered in 2019 with Registration Number: 2019/338757/08 and Social Development NPO Number 233-575-NPO and is registered as a Public Benefit Organization i.t.o. Section 18A(1) of the act with Registration No. PBO 930071517.

Our goal is to create awareness about cancer, it’s symptoms & treatment and to raise funds to support our project and partnered institutions.

Our aim is to hold the hand of the cancer patient and their family and navigate them through their cancer journey.

Our vision is to create a space that will embody the spirit of filotimo and will provide to patient needs and care under one roof, from medical treatment, to counselling, retail, food & beverage and arts & entertainment.

The Machi Filotimo Cancer Project officially launched on 29th August 2019.  The Project was founded by Evy Michalopoulos in memory of her late Mother, Machi Michalopoulos, who passed away on 4th February 2018, World Cancer Day, from Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer.  Machi passed away within six weeks after diagnosis and Evy realized how difficult the path that one has to walk is, whether you are the patient or the family of the patient.

Our purpose is to create awareness about Cancer, to educate on early detection and to render palliative care to Cancer patients.  Together with our Partnered Institutions, we work harmoniously in all areas related to addressing Cancer control objectives in order to take care of patients with Cancer and support families of survivors and to not only raise funds but to also gather support from individuals and commercial enterprises who can contribute according to their means in whatever way possible.  We are proud to be supported by a Multi-Disciplinary of medical professionals and institutions and can offer various services to cancer patients and their families.

Filotimo Cancer Champions – This addition to our project is aimed at identifying those amazing people who in the face of adversity and against all the odd’s not only survived but lived to tell their story.  We strongly believe that our ability to be able to reach more people is dependent on the growth of our Cancer Champion Program.  By identifying Cancer Survivors, we are able to contribute positively to the mental and emotional well-being of all cancer sufferers.

With a focus on educating our future leaders and ambassadors and of course, celebrating our young brave warriors, FILOTIMO KIDS is also a platform for families of children who are fighting cancer, to talk to our amazing Rangers, Navigators and Professional Experts to gain insight and support into the journey ahead

Our Filotimo Brand Ambassadors are incredible individuals who always give their continuous support, whether its running marathons or mountain bike cycling, to raise funds for Cancer, or their tireless efforts and constantly creating awareness around our brand and together help us create more awareness about cancer, its signs and symptoms and treatment options.  Our Filotimo Brand Ambassadors are dedicated, committed and eager to always RUN AND CYCLE FOR OUR CAUSE.

Filotimo sport & Fitness introduces Cancer Patients to exercise and physical activity with the help of our expert Physical Instructors.  Exercise is important when it comes to Cancer, as it may lower Cancer risk by helping control weight, reduce sex hormones (such as estrogen, and growth factors that have been associated with cancer development and progression) preventing high blood levels of insulin, reducing inflammation and strengthen the immune system and it can boost the quality of life during Cancer treatment.

Through Machi’s memory and this project, our goal is to partner with reputable organizations, Institutions and captains of industry.

The project has 280 partners, 46 cancer champions and 7 brand ambassadors.

“Doing what we do in the spirit of Filotimo”

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