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3010, 2018

SA’s crime reality and the link to Gap Cover

South Africa is regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful countries, and in general, we’re a happy, hopeful nation. But within our magnificent blue skies there’s a dark cloud that we must certainly acknowledge: the looming issue

3010, 2018

Fighting Cancer – Your Top 9 Weapons

 Across the world, cancer rates are rising, and South Africa is certainly no exception. In fact, stats show that at least 25% of South Africans will either be diagnosed with cancer, or will have to witness a loved

1910, 2018

Turnberry Launches 2019 Benefits

SA’s leading Gap Cover provider presents enhanced line-up of solutions to meet consumer demands Durban 5 October 2018– Turnberry has released its new range of Gap Cover offerings for 2019, giving consumers greater value for their premiums, while

1307, 2018

The Demarcation Regulations – a year later

The Demarcation Regulations - over a year later It’s been a little over a year since South Africa’s new ‘Demarcation’ Regulations were introduced – clarifying the role of Medical Aid schemes, versus so-called Medical Insurance products (including the

1506, 2018

What Gap Cover doesn’t cover?

South African consumers are becoming increasingly aware of Gap Cover: a type of insurance that augments one’s Medical Aid, helping to cover in-hospital medical expense shortfalls for certain procedures and specialist bills. With many hospitals and specialists charging

1506, 2018

Should you upgrade your Gap Cover?

In South Africa today, Gap Cover is surging in popularity, as many medical professionals charge multiple times the stipulated Medical Aid rates. Gap Cover enhances one’s Medical Aid, helping to cover in-hospital medical expense shortfalls for certain procedures

506, 2018

Why brokers and financial advisors are essential

Many consumers often question the role of financial advisors, considering the wealth of information that’s available online, and the ease of directly purchasing policies and other financial products. However, the role of a financial advisor, is as important

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