Are you planning on starting a family?
Does your gynaecologist charge medical aid rates for childbirth?
Do you realise there is a waiting period?

Childbirth is a common gap cover claim and new policies have 10 month waiting periods for pregnancy and childbirth, which makes planning so essential.

Turnberry’s Synergy Gap Cover Product will increase the medical aid rate up to 500% helping you cover medical expense shortfalls for in and out of hospital childbirth, at a family friendly premium of R380 /family/month – 2024 rates. Terms and Conditions apply

Don’t be left with medical expense shortfalls during this exciting time of your lives – Turnberry can assist to make this a joyful experience. You take care of the memories; Turnberry will navigate the way and ensure peace of mind.

Benefits on the Turnberry Gap Cover Products

Childbirth in and out of hospital


Premier Optimal Synergy Launch Med-Extend
Increase the medical aid rate up to 600% 500% 500% 350% 300%

*Out of hospital pregnancy supervision with the gynae is not covered.

Claims paid by Turnberry over the past 12 months

Delivery by caesarean section

Provider: Gynaecologist

Amount charged: R36 000

Amount paid by Medical Aid: R9 141.90

Amount paid by Turnberry:
R26 858.10

Premature rupture of membranes

Provider: Gynaecologist

Amount charged: R33 237.20

Amount paid by Medical Aid: R7 954.90

Amount paid by Turnberry:
R18 822.80

Provider: Anaesthetist

Amount charged: R7 644.00

Amount paid by Medical Aid: R2 004.10

Amount paid by Turnberry:
R3 635.90

Spontaneous vertex delivery

Provider: Gynaecologist

Amount charged: R25 725.00

Amount paid by Medical Aid: R4 141.70

Amount paid by Turnberry:
R20 708.50

Provider: Anaesthetist

Amount charged: R6 998.99

Amount paid by Medical Aid: R2 342.40

Amount paid by Turnberry:
R4 657.59

Delivery by caesarean section

Provider: Gynaecologist

Amount charged: R27 819.92

Amount paid by Medical Aid: R5 410.60

Amount paid by Turnberry:
R21 642.40

Provider: Anaesthetist

Amount charged: R10 077.96

Amount paid by Medical Aid: R4 801.50

Amount paid by Turnberry:
R5 276.46

Provider: Paediatrician

Amount charged: R4 165.30

Amount paid by Medical Aid: R1 917.11

Amount paid by Turnberry:
R2 205.20

Client Testimonials post claim submissions

Turnberry’s gap cover insurance paid for the birth of my son by covering the extra costs that my medical aid would not. Their products are affordable and they offer great service. Great investment to cover shortfalls from medical aid. Support when claiming is excellent – quick and efficient and they went above and beyond to keep me updated of the status and give me guidance on claims.

We were able to use the best obstetrician in town to deliver our baby without having to worry about his rates exceeding medical aid rates. As a result, my wife was able to leave hospital the day after giving birth to our son, and was able to move around freely, without much pain almost immediately upon returning home. In contrast to our first son’s delivery, where she was in a lot of pain and unable to move freely for almost a week. Our son was born during Covid-19 lockdown so getting in and out of hospital quickly was vital. It is definitely worth it. Medical costs, and in particular surgery and specialist costs can be excessive, and gap cover allows peace of mind, knowing that all costs will be taken care of.

I was very happy with the service and refund of the shortfall of my gynaecologist’s account – it was processed within a few days.

Turnberry was efficient, covered the shortfall of my daughter’s operation 100%. The payment was prompt and hassle-free, and I recommend the product to everybody, it’s a no-brainer. Thank you, Turnberry.

There were gap costs vs medical aid cover post the birth of our second child at a private hospital, and this gap amount was fully recovered. It is essential to have gap cover as private medical aids only pay up to a certain rate and have certain limits / exceptions. Turnberry’s claim division has very strong communication and a slick claims process. I was very happy with the service and the result, as well as the speed of refund.

As a parent when your baby is sick, you want to be able to provide them with the best care. Gap Cover could be invaluable to help you achieve this as can be seen with one of the Turnberry claims submitted and processed.

If you take out Gap Cover during your pregnancy, the baby will be covered for any medical expense shortfalls post the birth.

Read what one of our clients said post the birth of their baby.

After Monique and Hein had been to different specialists, their baby was diagnosed with Hyperostosis of the skull, a rare condition which causes thickening of the skull. The baby, under the care of a specialised Neurosurgeon and a specialised Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon, underwent an extremely complex surgery.  The difference between what the highly trained Specialists charged and what the medical aid paid for the baby’s surgery was R110 448.13, which was paid by Turnberry. 

‘As parents were able to focus on our new-born baby and not worry about Medical Expense Shortfalls as we had a Turnberry Gap Cover policy. This policy gave us total peace of mind during this very difficult stressful time’.

Don’t delay – whether you have planned, or the excitement of the forthcoming bundle of joy has taken over all of your thoughts and plans, Apply and Get Cover now to ensure that your medical aid expense shortfalls are covered, giving you peace of mind.