Turnberry offers a range of products best suited to your needs, providing unsurpassed service, while at the same time helping you to avoid the potential financial burden of exorbitant medical expense shortfalls.

Founded in 2001, Turnberry is a registered financial services provider (FSP no. 36571) and specialises in Accident and Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, and Funeral Cover. Turnberry’s gap cover products are available to clients on all medical aid schemes, but are independently provided and are therefore transferable in the event of a change in the client’s medical aid scheme.

Our mission is to offer our clients security and assurance, especially during those times when they need us most. This is why the iconic watchful Turnberry Lighthouse, situated on the point of the Turnberry Golf Course, Scotland; rises out of the darkness to carefully guide vessels to safety, inspired us. Much like its steady and constant beam of light that shows ships their safe passage away from danger, our products aim to help our clients journey through life by helping them deal with shortfalls and co-payments that usually arise when you or one of your dependents is hospitalised. We call it ‘Navigating the Way’.