What is Gap Cover?

Gap cover is a short-term insurance product that helps protect you from medical expense shortfalls, which happen when your doctor charges more than the medical aid rate for in-hospital treatment, or the hospital charges copayments for operations. These unanticipated expenses can leave you with an unexpected financial burden that you will have to pay for out of pocket.

Are the rates affordable

Turnberry offers different products to suit a range of diverse needs and financial requirements. A medical expense shortfall is the difference between what medical service providers (e.g. Doctors, basic and specialised Radiology, Pathology, Specialists, Consultants) charge and what Medical Schemes pay for the treatment performed in hospitals and day clinics, provided that it is paid from the Hospital Benefit or risk benefit of the Medical Scheme.

Will it cover my whole family

Turnberry’s Gap Cover Plan is the umbrella sheltering your entire family. All of the plans offer a vast range of benefits to cater for unforeseen medical expense shortfalls with additional benefits.   Turnberry’s premium is per family per month.*  T&C’s apply.  Turnberry offers family rates and individual rates.

Is it worth having the extra expense

Gap cover has become an essential component of any financial portfolio to protect you against potentially crippling medical expense shortfalls, no matter how young and healthy you are. Often it is the unforeseen that can result in the most significant medical expense shortfalls, but with gap cover in place you can protect your financial wellbeing alongside your physical health.

Cancer Benefits
Cover for all members of family, with no age limits*

First Diagnosis of Cancer
Once off payment for first diagnosis of cancer based on the stage at the time of diagnosis

Cancer Cover – Innovative Cancer Drug
Provides cover for new innovative cancer drugs

MRI and CT Scan Cover
Provides cover for MRI and CT scans when there is no benefit on your medical scheme

Investigative Treatment
Scopes for Screening purposes

Casualty benefit for Accidents
Provides cover for treatment in Casualty due to an accident

Casualty benefit for Illness
Is available to ALL members on the policy and is not restricted to children only

Critical Illness Benefit
Provides a lump sum payment upon the death of an insured person from Critical illness (excludes Cancer)

Medical Scheme Contribution Waiver
Up to R6 000 per month for 6 months in the event of death or permanent and total disability as a result of an accident, of the Medical Scheme Contribution Payer

Gap Premium Waiver
Pays the premium of your Policy for 12 months in the event of death or permanent and total disability as a result of an accident of the Contribution Payer

Personal Accident Benefit
A sum, according to your Plan, per insured on the Policy in the event of accidental death or permanent and total disability

Robotic Surgery Cover
Turnberry reviews Robotic Surgeries under sub-limit cover, to the full amount per plan

Access to International Travel Insurance
R5 million per insured (this is included in your Gap Cover Plan)