Premier Gap Cover Policy by Turnberry

Premier is the umbrella sheltering your entire family. It offers a vast range of benefits to cater for unforeseen medical expense shortfalls and provides comprehensive cancer benefits.

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Optimal Gap Cover Policy by Turnberry

Optimal provides a broad array of benefits – enhancing your medical aid by up to 500% of medical aid rates – all at a family-friendly price.

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Synergy Gap Cover Policy by Turnberry

Synergy offers a healthy spectrum of benefits at a very attractive price. It ensures you and your family are covered for the most common types of claims, covers medical expense shortfalls of up to 500%.

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Launch Gap Cover Policy by Turnberry

This launches you into the world of Gap Cover, offering essential benefits and covering medical expense shortfalls for Specialists up to 350% of medical aid rate. Launch is one of the most price-effective Gap Cover solutions on the market.

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Med Extend Gap Cover Policy by Turnberry

Med-Extend has been designed to assist clients with medical expense shortfalls for Specialists and with covering Defined Procedures that have been excluded on their specific Medical Scheme option.

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Extended Family Gap Cover Policy by Turnberry

If you have extended family or an additional dependant registered on your Medical Scheme, you may add them onto your Policy for an additional premium per month.

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Travel Assist Gap Cover Policy by Turnberry

International travel cover through TIC is offered as an added-value to all Turnberry Policyholders upon request. The cover ensures end-to-end emergency assistance by air, land or sea.

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During the tough times, you need a partner that will be by your side navigating you to safety.
You have a partner. Turnberry. Navigating the way

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Client Testimonials

“Assisting financial during a very uncertain time really tool the pressure off and provided a lot of please of mind. No discussion you have to have it.”

- Anon – November 2020

“Turnberry covered a large amount that my Medical Aid didn’t. Medical aid seems to cover less and less every year. I’m actually ‘very disappointed’ with my medical aid, we would be in serious trouble if it weren’t for Turnberry Gap Cover. It’s essential ! I’m very impressed with Turnberry – they didn’t let me down. Thanks Turnberry !!!!”

- Anon – November 2020

“Turnberry has assisted by covering the co-payments that are required due to medical aid not covering the full cost of hospitalisation. Without Turnberry I would be out of pocket as operations are not planned, but are necessary. Turnberry is the best!”

- Anon – 6th October 2020

“Turnberry Gap Cover gave us peace of mind. Great value”

– Zubair Patel – November 2020

“I have found Turnberry to be professional, organised and very quick to respond and pay claims. I would definitely recommend Turnberry Gap Cover Products.”

- Brigitte Long – 2nd October 2020

“Turnberry’s Gap Cover has been one of our best choices I have made. I have claimed twice and experienced hassle free service. Very very pleased….Excellent choice……Turnberry is the one to choose…”

- Hortense Liebenberg – 1st October 2020

“Financial piece of mind knowing that what the medical aid do not cover Turnberry will cover. Will strongly recommend taking out gap cover, situations change in a blink of an eye and instead of worrying about the financial implications you can focus on recovering and getting back on your feet.”

– Rudi Nel – November 2020
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