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Child looses kidney after falling off Granny’s roof

Little 9-year-old Sarah* snuck onto the roof of her granny’s house, but slipped and fell onto a flower pot injuring herself.

She was rushed to the hospital’s paediatric ward for a series of scans – which unfortunately showed extensive damage to one of her kidneys. After consultation between the family and their healthcare providers, Sarah was transferred to the care of a highly experienced Paediatric Surgeon, where she underwent surgery to remove the kidney.

Sarah’s father, William, said that throughout the ordeal, he was at least grateful to have Turnberry Premier policy in place – as the medical expense shortfalls for Sarah’s surgery amounted to R32 683.96. With Turnberry by their side, the family could focus fully on Sarah’s recovery and not on the medical expense shortfalls.

*names have been changed upon the client’s request.


I would like to thank you for an employee like Asha Dhana, Claims Assesor, from your Claims Department.

She gave me absoluut outstanding and professional assistance.  There is no words to thank her.   Her customer service is of such a high quality.

In a time when I was so stressed before the operation and the man who sold my policy to me refused to even talk to me, he told me straight that there is nothing I need to know.  Asha was the one who came to my resque.  It was not one of her duties, , but she explained everything to me without ever getting funny about anything.  All the time she stayed a lady and set my mind at peace.

After my operation she guided me and told me step by step what I had to do next.  Every detail that she needed from your company’s side to complete her task.   She always kept me informed regarding the progress and even picked up where my medical aid was at fault.  She would even tell me exactly what and how to explain to my medical aid in order to get the correct response.

It is very seldom that a person gets this excellent service anywhere in the world.  She is one in a million and is much appreciated.  I’ll remember her for the rest of my life and tell people about your company because of the awesome manner she handled every detail, so that we can learn as well how to do it.

Warm regards and with many thanks for employing such a high quality person to work with your customers.  She surely kept your company’s name very high.


“I want to thank you for the prompt service that I received with my claim”

“Thank you. You are a super star.”

“Thank you for processing my claim speedily.”

“Much appreciated. Good service. Thanks.”

“Thank you so much for your kind mail and confirmation of statement.”

“Thank you for your super service.”

“Thank you. I am really impressed with your service.”

“A huge thank you! You’ve followed this up with such professionalism and it’s been a pleasure communicating with you.”

“I would like to give some feedback on Caroline Ntsoane. I must say she is ABSOLUTELY amazing when it comes to service. She makes everything a dream when it comes to my policy and anything I need done.”

“Thank you for processing this claim for us in such a short period. The level of excellence is recognised and appreciated by us as well as by the client.”

“I would just like to express my gratitude to you and the team for getting my “gap” claims processed and paid. I have settled all the accounts with the doctors.”

“Thank you so much for you kind assistance. We apologise for the urgency. You guys have been stars. “

“Thanks so much for this, that is really amazing service!”

“Firstly I can’t thank you enough. You’re really one in a million, I wish all companies employees acted with the efficiency and professionalism as what you do. Really I mean it, you really went out of your way and I do appreciate it very much. Thank you for that.”

“Thank you so much, that was excellent service!”

“Gosh the service is fabulous , so quick”

“Thanks for your response, I appreciate your good service always.”

“Thank you for the feedback. What a wonderful policy to have!! I will certainly promote it to my family and friends”

“Thank you
I joined Turnberry a few years ago for Gap cover for my medical aid.
They are absolutely a brilliant all round company everyone knows what they are doing they are prompt and informative.
I just wanted to thank them”
Kind Regards – Fiona

“My wife and I underwent foot operations within a few months of each other. We are Execu-Care policyholders (thank goodness.) Please convey our sincere appreciation to the wonderful claims staff at Turnberry. We were kept informed through every step of the process and they really were a pleasure to deal with. Their efficiency was amazing and we are most grateful for the claimed amounts paid.
Happy Client”
Happy Client

“In June 2015 I was bitten by a dog, my neighbour took me to the emergency care in Linksfield were I received stitches. Unfortunately I only have a medical aid with hospital cover, but Turnberry paid my bills in full from the casualty benefit within days of giving them the necessary documents. I was very impressed with the speed and professionalism of the staff. Thanks Turnberry.”
Happy Client

“Thanks a lot, Turnberry has been a life saviour. Thank you for signing us up on this scheme.”
Mr. De Reuck

“My wife had a mole that changed colour and she immediately had it checked out. It proved to be a malignant melanoma and had to be removed under general aesthetic. After the surgery she continued having pain in the area of the melanoma and it was discovered that she had a neuroma, which required another procedure under general aesthetic. We were shocked to find that the accounts for the surgeon and the anaesthetist were not paid in full. However, our financial advisor had several years earlier warned us of the possibility of shortfalls that our medical aid would not cover and thankfully we followed his sound advice and took out a Turnberry policy. All the charges not covered were settled by Turnberry, giving us one thing less to worry about. Thankfully my wife has now fully recovered.”
Happy Client

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