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Reassurance that costs not covered under Hospital Plan may be covered under gap cover. Some financial piece of mind. A definite option to be considered.
Anthony Craemer – 15th Sept 2020

Client testimonial

I found Turnberry service when claiming extremely efficient, helpful and covered almost my entire shortfall. Turnberry Gap Cover is an absolute necessity. I rate Turnberry’s service – 10 out of 10
Robynne-Leigh McNeill – 16th Sept 2020

I was initially very uncertain about whether or not I qualified for the shortfall and was already looking at ways to pay the medical shortfalls. Today I can say that I was very pleased by the guidance by Call Centre Consultant Nathalia Fortuin of NMG for guiding me through the claiming process. Everything went quick and without any hassles and I could honor my responsibilities to the medical service providers. Many thanks Turnberry….. This product is highly recommended. It gives you peace of mind and is very handy when you needed it most.
Sammy Jantjies – 2nd October 2020

I would not have been able to afford the health care I received without Turnberry. Turnberry met their obligations without argument or query.
Roy Davis – 1st October 2020

I would never have been able to afford the difference between what Discovery settled and the amount of the doctor’s account. I was so relieved to hear that the balance would be covered by my Gap Cover. I highly recommend Turnberry’s Gap Cover – medical aid does not cover the full amount of a claim and Gap Cover makes up the difference or else it comes out of your own pocket, which can be a huge shock
Anon – 2nd Oct 2020

It helps to know that there is not a problem around paying for the operation, on top of the issues you might have with health. If there is a fair chance you are going to be in hospital at some stage, then I really recommend gap cover. If you don’t have it, then it’s off to public health for you, and good luck with that.
Chris Wren-Sargent – 4th October 2020

Peace of mind. I have had 10 surgeries, and never had to worry about the financial implications. Way better option to taking out an expensive medical aid plan.
Martin Dammann – 4th October 2020

Client testimonial

Turnberry have always been a support to us for the past 15 years. Whatever is due for payment, you have settled any claim in good time, together with a promot payment. This helps with outstanding medical bills. Thank you so much. I would only recommend this type of cover. It gives you peace of mind and takes off any additional unnecessary stress that one doesn’t need in times of medical stress. Your product is affordable and very reliable.
Grant Gooch – 11th Sept 2020

Turnberry Gap Cover HELPED ME A LOT  – EXCELLENT SERVICE.   DONT HESITATE – TAKE THE COVER.  Turnberry’s service is excellent.

 Ravi Govender – 30th July 2020

Client testimonial

Turnberry Gap Cover covered a large gap in my medical aid cover for specialist surgery.   You have no option but to take it.

Don Bailey  – 4th August 2020

I have been with Turnberry Gap Cover for about 6 years and it has been one of the best investments I could have made. They immediately acknowledge the receipt of a claim, they pay out well within 14 days and provide a detailed and easy-to-read statement. On occasion they have assisted me with advice regarding monies which should have been paid out by my medical aid and had not been, due to an error on the part of the MA. This allowed me to approach the MA and resubmit a claim, thereby saving me money.  I have ovarian cancer, stage 4, and knowing that, between my medical aid and gap cover, I need not worry about medical bills, has removed much of the anxiety.   I would not hesitate to advise anyone to consider Turnberry Gap Cover. Private medical care is so very expensive and out of the reach of most people who do not have medical aid. Even with a good medical aid, it is very easy to be left with enormous bills to settle. My gap cover has proved itself over and over.

Bobbi Marshall  6th August 2020

Fast turnaround time, and peace of mind.  Turnberry’s Gap Cover is worth every cent and they uphold policies. No cover ups !

Anon – 3rd August 2020

Turnberry’s Gap Cover Insurance gave us peace of mind that we had the cover for any shortfall for the operation and the hospital expenses.   I would definitely recommend Turnberry Gap Cover, the service was amazing.  We submitted the claim and within 48 hours we had the refund in our bank account.

Anon – 10th August 2020

Turnberry helped immensely to get my claim processed.  It was a huge amount of money that helped my family.  I would highly recommend that you take out Turnberry  Gap Cover.

Richard Slatem – 4th August 2020

It’s a relief to know that GAP covers all shortfalls.  DEFINTELY HAVE GAP COVER – NO BRAINER !

Anon – 3rd August 2020

Client testimonial

I’ve only been with Turnberry about 16 months, and have had to make 2 hospital claims already. They have been amazing, and provided all your paper work is submitted, they are very efficient at paying out the claims not covered by my Medical Aid (Hospital Plan). Best thing I ever did was take out GAP Cover! I would highly recommend them.

Anon – 6th August 2020

Turnberry Gap Cover provided allowed me, from a financial perspective, to settle the shortfall on the final medical accounts.   This obviously provided emotional comfort.   Just do it !!!

Anon – 5th August 2020

Client testimonial

My experience was very good thanks…..very efficient and easy to get everything done

Anon – 4th August 2020

Turnberry Gap Cover helped me to pay Dr that was over and above medical aid rates and this was a big help.   I would definitely recommend Gap Cover – it is very important and you never realize the importance until you have a hospital stay

Reshika Singh – 4th August 2020

I did not have to worry about the huge costs of hospital treatment and there is a tax benefit.  If they are not thinking about Gap cover they should be.   Gap cover is not a choice it is essential irrespective of your medical aid plan

Graham Gibson – 5th August 2020

Turnberry have provided peace of mind financially when faced with massive medical bills where there is a shortfall.   The settlement of claims has been speedy and efficiently handled.  Do not hesitate to take out shortfall cover

Anon – 4th August 2020

Client testimonial

Turnberry Gap Cover saved me months of debt repayment and a possible blacklisting with medical and other financial institutions – Never mind the personal embarrassment of not being able to pay a highly skilled surgeon for a brilliant operation!   Had it not been for Turnberry I would be so stressed mentally and financially.   Just do it !

Carol Harrison – 4th August 2020

Because of the policy we hold (can afford), we are always uncertain about the extent of payment from our insurers so there is a level of anxiety prior to medical procedures.  I would, therefore, recommend taking Gap Cover with Turnberry – ESSENTIAL.

Anon – 9th June 2020

Client testimonial

I had gap cover for years but never used it.  Still the shortfall that I had with my knee replacement was 2/3 of the amount charged by the orthopaedic surgeon and the anaesthetist.   If I had to pay that I would have been in debt of a very long time, because it was a lot of money.  Even if it wasn’t for Covid, my salary cannot afford the gap for such a huge operation.  I do not know how can people survive without gap cover!   People young and old must really have gap cover.  This is not for old people but anything can happen to you and your medical aid is by far not enough to cover important operations.

Adele van der Walt  – 4th August 2020

Turnberry Gap Cover helped me to pay Dr that was over and above medical aid rates and this was a big help.   I would definitely recommend Gap Cover – it is very important and you never realize the importance until you have a hospital stay

Reshika Singh – 4th August 2020

Ten volle betaal vir die groter wordende gaping tussen tariewe en wat die mediese fonds betaal. Verlig die las geweldig. Ek dink dit is noodsaaklik om vandag hierdie tipe versekering uit te neem.  Doen dit.  Hospitaal kostes en spesialis tariewe raak al hoe meer buite bereik en mens moet daarvoor voorsiening maak. My ondervinding met Turnberry was uitstekend en blitsig vinninge betaling van volle bedrag sonder enige nonsens.

Gerhard Herbst – 4th August 2020

When a Loved one needs care, from an unforeseen dread Disease, and costs add external pressure to an already emotional experience, its nice to no that there is one less thing to worry about. Thanks Turnberry for that piece of mind.  I would absolutely recommend it, as no one can predict the future.

Anon – 3rd August 2020

The claiming process was easy and painless. The claim was finalised quickly. This was a huge relief as, having been diagnosed with cancer, it was one less thing to worry about.  Make sure that you have GAP cover. It could be the difference between being able to pay all your medical accounts and having to go into debt to cover the unexpected costs.

Anon – 4th August 2020

Turnberry’s Gap Cover is essential – it certainly helped us and our claims were paid within a week !

Garth – 30th July 2020

Client testimonial

We have been helped to cope with expenses not covered by our medical aid.  This has been most reassuring.   Turnberry Gap Cover is highly recommended.     Anon – 9th July 2020

Client testimonial

You really are STARS!! Thank you again for your prompt assistance.   Hopefully, I have no reason to contact you again (holding thumbs) but am very grateful that I have insurance with Turnberry.     Linda Kollmorgen – 16th June 2020

I do try to speak to people to advertise Turnberry as I really do believe that you guys are great!! Without gap cover I do not know what we would have done.  Thank you sincerely once again from the bottom of my heart.  A Gap Cover is a MUST HAVE and with friendly advisors from Turnberry the hospital experience was less traumatic.  I would highly recommend Turnberry’s Gap Cover – a definite YES.  One cannot have a medical aid without a Gap Cover like Turnberry!       Anon – 8th July 2020

I started contributing to the Gap Cover fund approx. 35 years ago through my employer and have never previously submitted a claim.  I am now retired and only on a Hospital Plan medical aid option and Gap cover is therefore very important and provides some peace of mind.   Definitely, particularly nowadays with exorbitant medical practitioner costs.    Telephonic service via the call centre was always excellent and honestly a pleasant experience as nowadays it appears many are insufficiently trained and also lack personal service skills.    Anon – 9th July 2020

Turnberry is the best in the industry. Highly recommended!   Turnberry has been absolutely amazing for me and my family. It has helped so much to know that I do not need to worry about financial shortfalls with my medical bills and that we are in safe hands with Turnberry. The claims process is incredibly simple and very fast, within days the money is disbursed and the entire process is hassle-free. It is so good to have such peace of mind when dealing with medical issues and know that we are covered for any shortfalls that our medical plan does not cover.   Having gap cover these days is a MUST! Equally important is taking gap cover with a reliable, and reputable company that will not leave you stressed out during a challenging period.       Ryan – 12th June 2020

I just can’t describe the peace of mind that my co-payment was completely paid in full ! As a pensioner I don’t have that extra money and I required surgery as I was in a lot of pain.  Gap Cover is absolutely a necessity as co-payments are a huge problem for Hospital admission if you don’t have extra cover !  10 out of 10 for Service and handling of my claim.    Aletta Webb – 11th June 2020

This is a product recommended by our company. The surgeon’s admin/accounts team were not very clear and I also think the lock down caused a lot of delays and confusion. I explained this all, as we now had a final notice for a statement I was not aware of. It was a separate statement for the anesthetist and I made a very unplanned payment. I received excellent service and was assisted within 24 hours which was very much appreciated.  It is very much worth it.  Claiming is a very simple process.     Anon – 9th July 2020

Client testimonial

It covered the bulk of the unexpected expenses   Anon – 3rd July 2020

Client testimonial

Turnberry’s Gap Product assisted with the shortfalls.  I would definitely recommend that everyone considers Gap Cover.  It is essential.

Anon – 4th July 2020

Turnberry makes it easier to see a good surgeon because I feel confident that any shortfall will be covered by my Gap Cover.   I would highly recommend Turnberry because there turnaround time is amazing and their service is excellent

Anon – 4th July 2020

Turnberry paid various accounts the medical aid did not pay.  You cannot do without Gap Cover.  Recommend Turnberry’s assistance and services.

Johan Breytenbach – 8th July 2020

Turnberry has helped us by providing a sense of comfort, knowing that the additional expenses incurred, while in Hospital, will be covered. We don’t have to worry about how much it will be and can focus on healing. It has also allowed us to use my preferred, trusted Dr’s that usually charge above medical aid rates and therefore additional costs are incurred, for our account. I don’t have to move to a Dr that I don’t know or trust.  I would recommend taking it out. It is definitely worth it and it gives you that extra cover. It is a great relief knowing that we have it, if we need it. Turnberry is a very professional company – happy to help their clients, claiming is easy and they pay out their claims quickly and efficiently.

Jennilee Wiborg – 7th July 2020

Even though trading through Covid has been challenging for all of us, Turnberry still processed my claim surprisingly quickly and painlessly.   My advice is to choose a provider that does not require you to pay first then claim.  And choose a provider who will negotiate discounts on your behalf.

Melinda Lourens – 14th June 2020

Turnberry Gap Cover worked well for my wife’s recent operation.  I would highly recommend it.

Anon – 5th July 2020

Client testimonial

I needed the operation and would not have been able to afford the shortfall. My advice would be to take it out, I feel everyone should have gap cover

Anon – 9th June 2020

Client testimonial

Turnberry Gap Cover gives an additional sense of financial security. It would be a good idea to have Gap Cover as in this day and age you never know when an expensive hospital stay could be just around the corner.

Anon – 5th June 2020

Turnberry has saved my life! There is no way I would ever do without it. Unfortunately, my husband is now critically ill and is in and out of hospital quite often and believe me, I sleep well at night knowing I have this cover. It has never let me down.  I am a Medical Aid Intermediary and as I offer Turnberry Gap Cover to my Clients, that should say it all!

Redel Katzen – 6th June 2020

The service I received from Turnberry for my last two claims was fast and I am thankful for this. Much appreciated.   You cannot even doubt taking out Gap Cover – it is a must!

Dawn Brown – 10th June 2020

We were able to use the best obstetrician in town to delivery our baby without having to worry about his rates exceeding medical aid rates. As a result my wife was able to leave hospital the day after giving birth to our son, and was able to move around freely, without much pain almost immediately upon returning home, Contrast to our first son’s delivery, where she was in a lot of pain and unable to move freely for almost a week. Our son was born during covid-19 lockdown so getting in and out of hospital quickly was vital.

It is definitely worth it. Medical costs, and in particular surgery and specialist costs can be excessive, and gap cover allows peace of mind, knowing that all costs will be taken care of.

Anon – 10th June 2020

Great Service – as always

Anon – 10th June 2020

Impeccable service – as usual

Anon – 5th June

Client testimonial

Turnberry helped me a lot with my husband that was so very sick for more than 3 months.  They are very helpful in all they need.  They also keep me in the loop about all they need. I would recommend it very highly

Jenny Cameron – 6th April 2020

Client testimonial

It was indicated by the specialist that as my condition was a PMB, the procedures would be fully covered. This was however not the case – and we were left with a large shortfall! I was previously a medical aid advisor, so was aware of the benefits of Gap Cover, and had been offered this by our broker as well., but had never claimed before. Thanks goodness we took them up on this offer. I would strongly recommend it. We were very grateful when we were in a situation which necessitated us claiming and the whole matter was handled hassle free, efficiently and speedily.

Anon – 6th April 2020

As a client and an independent broker contracted to  Turnberry,  I am extremely impressed with the Turnberry Gap Cover product . We  have been marketing Turnberry for more than 10 years and  we continue to receive excellent service .

We at, Jackie Steele and Associates  are very comfortable recommending Turnberry!!

Jackie Steele and Associates – 3rd April 2020

Covered the shortfall for financial wellbeing.  Necessary, as medical aid plans alone won’t cover all the unforeseen expenses

Anon – 3rd April 2020

Turnberry has always been professional and fair in all dealings with claims to date. These are dealt with promptly and refunds are received in good time.

I have recommended Turnberry’s services to a number of friends previously, and will continue to do so.

John Arter – 2nd April 2020

Tremendous peace of mind knowing there is a safe pair of hands behind me.

It is absolutely silly not to have Gap Cover in this day and age.

Bob Judelsohn – 29th March 2020

Peace of mind – particularly as we have an adult disabled son to care for.

Would definitely recommend it!

Anon – 15th March 2020

Client testimonial

Peace of mind that everything will be covered if I go over my Discovery oncology benefit. Definitely worth the extra money

Anon – 2nd April

Client testimonial

Turnberry has met my claims more than halfway, and has saved me from paying quite a substantial amount out of my own pocket and being over 65 every cent counts these days.

Turnberry’s service is excellent!

Anon – 2nd April 2020

Much relief that the high unexpected specialists’ cost were covered.  Do it.

Joe Smith  –  26th March 2020

Turnberry Gap Cover has given me peace of mind. For anybody thinking of taking out Gap Cover JUST DO IT.

Alwyn Klotz  –  25th March 2020

They have been fantastic. I believe this is the third claim we have ever made and there were no issues with the other claims.  It is a must, especially for Seniors.

Anon – 3rd April 2020

It is reassuring to know that Gap Cover covers co-payments and shortfalls, especially when the medical aid suddenly provides feedback on an authorisation that the admission comes with a co-payment of R6500. When you at the hospital and you don’t have a choice you have to go with it. I am thankful that Gap cover helped with co-payments and shortfall for the 2 recent visits to the hospital.  Take the gap cover and have peace of mind when it comes to hospitalization.

Rakesh Singh – 3rd April 2020

Excellent product. Would have had to pay 25% excess in we did not have this

Very worthwhile investment and we would say it is a MUST with medical aids paying considerably less than rates charged by doctors and hospitals

Anon – 29th March 2020

Client testimonial

The medical aid payment gap has been fully funded by Turnberry, covering procedures for both myself & wife – thank you

I would highly recommend gap cover, as the medical aid payment gap can be very substantial, gap cover is a must have

Outstanding service – professional, no arguments, no payment delays & premiums are then well justified

Anon – 31st March

Client testimonial

I think that Gap cover is essential nowadays considering the vast costs faced with when one goes in to hospital for certain procedures or surgery, one is never certain what you are going to be faced with and gap cover definitely takes care of a lot obviously with the right choice of cover to suite your needs.

Gap cover certainly helps alleviate the additional costs we would otherwise need to pay ourselves with no return.

Sid Els – 30th March 2020

Turnberry provided 100% Cover – I would definitely recommend Turnberry Gap Cover to everyone.

Deon Vermaak – 1st April 2020

Knowing that the shortfall (R41,000) was going to  be covered, gave me peace of mind knowing that i would not have to dig into my savings account as this amount was unknown at the time and unexpected.   I certainly would advise one of taking Gap cover, the unexpected shortfall far outweighs the amount paid in premiums, it also gives you peace of mind knowing that you can be treated by the best possible doctors available and not be burdened with the additional cost that is not budgeted for.  It certainly has been a pleasure dealing with Turnberry, the shortfalls were covered in full, it was an amount that you certainly do not budget for.  

Thanking Turnberry for the excellent service.

Anon    1st April 2020

Many thanks for processing my claim so speedily, it’s much appreciated.

Anon – 31st March 2020

Client testimonial

Turnberry was very helpful in relieving the stress of having to the pay full hospital and doctors fees, especially over the expensive and long December/Jan season!

I would say GAP cover is essential!

Anon – 21st Feb 2020

Client testimonial

Turnberry has helped us have peace of mind that if the surgeon or doctor, in hospital charges above medical aid rates, we would have cover. It also assists for certain day clinic procedures and MRI co-payments.

One cannot afford to not have it.

Anon –  21st Feb 2020

Turnberry’s super-quick claims turnaround process is really impressive and greatly appreciated.

Anon –  21st Feb 2020

Turnberry paid my shortfall and I would rate their service 10/10!

Definitely get Gap Cover!

Anon –  21st Feb 2020

Thank you for a job well done!

Anon – 21st Feb 2020

Client testimonial

I heard of the Turnberry Gap Cover through our Companies Group Benefits department.  There was a substantial shortfall between the amount that my Medical Aid paid and the Surgeon’s fees.  After personally paying the shortfall I started doubting if I’ve made the correct decision as I basically used up all my savings to pay for the operation.  The Gap cover process was quick and easy. Turnberry paid out my shortfall soon after I submitted the necessary documents and just took so much weight off my shoulders.  Turnberry was also more than happy to assist me with all the questions I had before I went for the operation.

It is an absolute necessity to take out Gap Cover.  I would not have been able to cope financially if I had not taken out Gap Cover.

Anon – 18th Feb 2020

Client testimonial

I did some checking to ensure that the shortfall from medical aid would be covered by gap cover. My surgeon is one of the best in the country but was very expensive. Fortunately all of his costs were covered between medical aid and gap cover. I was much more comfortable having the surgery knowing that I had a great surgeon and that this would not cost me the earth.

I have recommended, and will continue to recommend Turnberry. The service was good and I’m not actually sure how they can possibly provide the cover at the monthly cost which is charged.

Mr Wright-  18th Feb 2020

I would definitely recommend Turnberry Gap Cover.   This cover came in very handy with the shortfall being covered.   I would definitely recommend Turnberry Gap Cover.


Anon –  18th Feb 2020

Awesome experience as always!

Jared Jonothan – 18th Feb 2020

I want to thank you for the swift response to our claim, we appreciate it immensely. 

Thank you for a job well done!

Anon – 18th Feb 2020

Client testimonial

Absolute lifesaver. After getting discharged from hospital and health issues sorted, it is overwhelming when the high medical bills start arriving. Claims were settled efficiently and in full. Gap Cover is a must-have in today’s rising medical costs. I give Turnberry 10 out of 10 for the way my claim was handled.

I would recommend taking gap cover from Turnberry with  enthusiasm and without hesitation.

Vanitha Govender – 15th Jan 2020

Client testimonial

I had a unique (according to me) situation where the specialist demanded FULL payment 2 days PRIOR to operating – this placed a heavy financial burden on me – but I had the peace of mind that I would eventually be compensated through my Gap Cover. Go for it – it is worth it.

-Mr James – 14th Jan 2020

We were surprised by the co-payment amount. Actually I was in doubt that we needed gap cover before, took it because advisor insisted. It worked brilliantly covering almost all costs. I would say it’s a must when taking medical aid cover. Unfortunately most of the doctors do charge way more than MT tariff. Turnberry service exceeded our expectations

-Mrs Jones – 13th Jan 2020

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment your Company/Claims Department on the quick and efficient manner in which my claim was dealt with.

The claim was submitted on Sunday evening and the money was in my account on Tuesday – exceptional service.

-Melissa Savio

I had a great experience with your staff.

-Vanessa Parker

Gap cover has given me peace of mind that I will be able to afford the surgery that I possibly desperately need.
I had a back operation and was completely unaware of the full cost and of the shortfall that the medical aid would not cover.
I had no option but to have the back operation as if I didn’t have the operation I would ultimately be unable to use my legs.

With gap cover in place I was able to focus on getting the surgery done without having to stress about finding the extra finance to cover the shortfall that the medical aid does not cover.

The shortfall was significant and without the gap cover I would have been in a tight spot financially.
It is a no-brainer. You never know when you will need a major operation. I had no idea six months prior to my back operation that I would have to have major surgery.

Give yourself peace of mind and take the cover it is really worth it.

-Greg van der Krol- 12th Jan 2020

My wife had a hip replacement in 2013 before we purchased Turnberry gap cover.  We had to pay in close to R30 000 for the shortfall between our actual medical costs and the medical aid payment. When it became clear my wife Diana was going to have to have a second hip replacement, 21 months after purchasing our gap cover from Turnberry, we were very anxious for several reasons.  My wife had lens replacements in both eyes and I had a prostate biopsy and urethral dilation earlier in the year. Turnberry had already paid out for these, completely covering the gap in both cases. We also expected the gap on the hip replacement would be more than in 2013.

I would recommend taking gap cover from Turnberry with  enthusiasm and without hesitation.

-Mr Smith – October 2019

Client testimonial

We have, between my husband and myself had a difficult medical year of surgeries and procedures. All shortfalls were handled speedily and without question by Turnberry. The submission was simple, the response and payment relating to the claims were prompt and stress free, definitely relieving any financial pressure and leaving the focus on getting well! I would advise everyone to take out Gap Cover as soon as possible, and really rate Turnberry’s service 10 out 10 !

-Mrs Dennison –  October 2019

It gave me piece of mind that with the shortfalls from medical aid I won’t be overburdened by excessive expenses.   People MUST have Gap cover!

-Mr Simon Vickers – October 2019

Asha and Mariette, thank you for the efficient and great service provided by Turnberry in settling all claims pertaining to my child’s admission

-Mrs Ebrahim – November 2019

Client testimonial

Thank you for the excellent service during the last months. Asha Dhana is a STAR!

-Mr Schoeman – November 2019

As a parent when your child is sick, you want to be able to provide them with the best care. Gap Cover could be invaluable to help you achieve this as can be seen with one of our latest claims. After Monique and Hein had been to different specialists their Baby Amelie was diagnosed with Hyperostosis of the skull, a rare condition which causes thickening of the skull. At the end of November 2018 Brave Baby Amelie, under the care of a specialised Neurosurgeon and a specialised Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon, underwent an extremely complex surgery.

The difference between what the highly trained Specialists charged and what the medical aid paid for Baby Amelies’ surgery was R110 448.13, which was paid by Turnberry.

Monique and Hein were able to focus on Baby Amelie and not worry about Medical Expense Shortfalls as they have a Turnberry policy. A policy that Monique and Hein says has provided them with peace of mind. – January 2019

Client testimonial

I must say I am very impressed with the speedy way in which my claim was dealt with. I am due to retire one of these days, but will surely continue with my GAP Cover policy.

-Ms. Greyling

Many thanks for your excellent service

-M Price – March 2019

Asha, thank you for the excellent service

–Dr Ankiah – June 2019

Thank you so much for the swift and professional manner in which this claim was attended to and settled. I always value and acknowledge great service and this was a great example of that

–Mr Timmerman – August 2019

I have been so impressed with the speed of response and the settlement of the claims. As a pessimist when it comes to Financial Institutions…Banks, Insurance Companies, Med Aid organisations in general, I was shocked to experience an empathetic, professional response. I don’t understand your business model but it is certainly a brilliant product for the consumer.

I would recommend Turnberry without hesitation!!

-Ms S Shepherd

Client testimonial

Turnberry has helped us immensely. Three years ago we had an emergency and ended up having to pay quite a large amount of money out to Doctors. Since then my husband has lost his employment and we had to downscale our Medical Aid and that was when we were told to take out Gap cover. As pensioners with no pension OR income we were very shocked to receive accounts from doctors as well as the hospital. We realise now how much help Gap cover has been to us.

The Staff have been so accommodating when I had questions and the Claim form has helped me immensely. I have to add as a 61 year old, who does not know much about computers etc., I found it easy. Claims were dealt with speedily.


-Ms PL Smith

I just wanted to say thank you for your quick turnaround time during my recent stroke. You guys were amazing, what a pleasure doing business with you, short payments were settled timeously and fairly. People should know about your excellent service!

-Ms. C Moore

Had I not had Gap Cover, I would have been in a financial squeeze after my wife’s surgery. Suffice to say Turnberry saved the day and I would strongly advise people to take out Gap Cover!

-Mr C Dovey

Client testimonial

Turnberry Gap Cover have been very efficient and did not give any hassle about paying. It is definitely worth it as most doctors and hospitals charge more than medical aid.

-Ms. S Clemen

Ek wil Turnberry bedank vir die skikking van my eis wat ingedien is. Ek was baie skepties oor die “Gap Cover” en het baie daaroor gelees maar het tog besluit om die polis uit te neem.

Veertien maande nadat ek die polis uitgeneem het ek onvoorsiene probleme met my rug ondervind, is geopereer, en het ñ eis ingedien. Ek het gewag vir talle vorms om te voltooi en “verskonings” van Turnberry se kant af.

Ek is egter verras deur minimale administrasie en goeie diens en vinnige uitbetaling van die eis. Baie dankie vir jul uitstekende diens, julle is ñ maatskappy wat ek sal aanbeveel.

Spesiale dank aan Mariette van Vuuren vir haar hulp en vriendelikheid

-Mnr Du Toit

Ms. Greyling - Client testimonial

I must say I am very impressed with the speedy way in which my claim was dealt with. I am due to retire one of these days, but will surely continue with my GAP Cover policy.

-Ms. Greyling

Turnberry has been very helpful indeed. My grandson who is on my medical aid and also covered with Gap Cover by Turnberry has received excellent support throughout the process for his addition to our cover, plus the build up to the operation and procedures that he has just gone through. Constant feedback from Turnberry throughout the claim process was handled very well.

Gap Cover is a necessary part of your medical cover – a Medical Aid is not sufficient to cover all aspects of medical care throughout one’s life and its imperative that Gap Cover forms part of the consideration. I have already recommended Turnberry to a few people.

-Ms. M Rodney

Just wanted to say thank you very much for once again such good service! It is an absolute pleasure obtaining the travel insurance every time

– Zelda

Child looses kidney after falling off Granny’s roof

Little 9-year-old Sarah* snuck onto the roof of her granny’s house, but slipped and fell onto a flower pot injuring herself.

She was rushed to the hospital’s paediatric ward for a series of scans – which unfortunately showed extensive damage to one of her kidneys. After consultation between the family and their healthcare providers, Sarah was transferred to the care of a highly experienced Paediatric Surgeon, where she underwent surgery to remove the kidney.

Sarah’s father, William, said that throughout the ordeal, he was at least grateful to have Turnberry Premier policy in place – as the medical expense shortfalls for Sarah’s surgery amounted to R32 683.96. With Turnberry by their side, the family could focus fully on Sarah’s recovery and not on the medical expense shortfalls.

*names have been changed upon the client’s request.

Verusca - Client testimonial

“Firstly I can’t thank you enough. You’re really one in a million, I wish all companies employees acted with the efficiency and professionalism as what you do. Really I mean it, you really went out of your way and I do appreciate it very much. Thank you for that.”

– Verusca

Client testimonial

My clients husband recently passed away and Mariette was very helpful and friendly. The client phoned me yesterday evening and had nothing but good words for Mariette and called her a sweety, sympathetic and very professional.

This is not the first compliment I’ve received about Mariette but wanted to specifically highlight this one!

-D Kriek

Thank you for your excellent service and handling my matter with great efficiency. The claim has been settled.

– Jerry

Thank you so much for all your help with my claims. I really appreciate it.

– Ms Lawrence

I would like to thank you for an employee like Asha Dhana, Claims Assesor, from your Claims Department.

She gave me absoluut outstanding and professional assistance. There is no words to thank her. Her customer service is of such a high quality.

In a time when I was so stressed before the operation and the man who sold my policy to me refused to even talk to me, he told me straight that there is nothing I need to know. Asha was the one who came to my resque. It was not one of her duties, , but she explained everything to me without ever getting funny about anything. All the time she stayed a lady and set my mind at peace.

After my operation she guided me and told me step by step what I had to do next. Every detail that she needed from your company’s side to complete her task. She always kept me informed regarding the progress and even picked up where my medical aid was at fault. She would even tell me exactly what and how to explain to my medical aid in order to get the correct response.

It is very seldom that a person gets this excellent service anywhere in the world. She is one in a million and is much appreciated. I’ll remember her for the rest of my life and tell people about your company because of the awesome manner she handled every detail, so that we can learn as well how to do it.

Warm regards and with many thanks for employing such a high quality person to work with your customers. She surely kept your company’s name very high.


Client testimonial

I want to thank you for the prompt service that I received with my claim

– Brigid

Thank you. You are a super star.

– Alexia

Thank you for processing my claim speedily.”

– Leslie

My clients husband recently passed away and Mariette was very helpful and friendly. The client phoned me yesterday evening and had nothing but good words for Mariette and called her a sweety, sympathetic and very professional.

This is not the first compliment I’ve received about Mariette but wanted to specifically highlight this one!

-D Kriek

I would like to give some feedback on Caroline Ntsoane. I must say she is ABSOLUTELY amazing when it comes to service. She makes everything a dream when it comes to my policy and anything I need done.

– Courtneigh

Thank you for processing this claim for us in such a short period. The level of excellence is recognised and appreciated by us as well as by the client.

– Venessa

I would just like to express my gratitude to you and the team for getting my “gap” claims processed and paid. I have settled all the accounts with the doctors.

– Shireen

Thank you
I joined Turnberry a few years ago for Gap cover for my medical aid.
They are absolutely a brilliant all-round company everyone knows what they are doing they are prompt and informative.
I just wanted to thank them

– Fiona

Client testimonial

My wife and I underwent foot operations within a few months of each other. We are Execu-Care policyholders (thank goodness.) Please convey our sincere appreciation to the wonderful claims staff at Turnberry. We were kept informed through every step of the process and they really were a pleasure to deal with. Their efficiency was amazing and we are most grateful for the claimed amounts paid.
Happy Client

– Happy Client

Mr. De Reuck - Testimonial

In June 2015 I was bitten by a dog, my neighbour took me to the emergency care in Linksfield were I received stitches. Unfortunately I only have a medical aid with hospital cover, but Turnberry paid my bills in full from the casualty benefit within days of giving them the necessary documents. I was very impressed with the speed and professionalism of the staff. Thanks Turnberry.

– Happy Client

Thanks a lot, Turnberry has been a life saviour. Thank you for signing us up on this scheme.

– Mr. De Reuck

My wife had a mole that changed colour and she immediately had it checked out. It proved to be a malignant melanoma and had to be removed under general aesthetic. After the surgery she continued having pain in the area of the melanoma and it was discovered that she had a neuroma, which required another procedure under general aesthetic. We were shocked to find that the accounts for the surgeon and the anaesthetist were not paid in full. However, our financial advisor had several years earlier warned us of the possibility of shortfalls that our medical aid would not cover and thankfully we followed his sound advice and took out a Turnberry policy. All the charges not covered were settled by Turnberry, giving us one thing less to worry about. Thankfully my wife has now fully recovered.

– Happy Client

Leslie - Client testimonial

Firstly I can’t thank you enough. You’re really one in a million, I wish all companies employees acted with the efficiency and professionalism as what you do. Really I mean it, you really went out of your way and I do appreciate it very much. Thank you for that.

– Verusca

Thank you for processing my claim speedily.”

– Leslie

Much appreciated. Good service. Thanks.

– Sharon

Gosh the service is fabulous, so quick.

– Seshni

Thank you so much for your kind mail and confirmation of statement.

– Grant

Thank you for your super service.

– Deryk

Thank you so much for you kind assistance. We apologise for the urgency. You guys have been stars.

– Liesha

Thanks so much for this, that is really amazing service!

– Francois

Thank you so much, that was excellent service!

– Juliet

Thanks for your response, I appreciate your good service always.

– Fiona

Thank you for the feedback. What a wonderful policy to have!! I will certainly promote it to my family and friends

– Rina

PW - Client testimonial

A huge thank you! You’ve followed this up with such professionalism and it’s been a pleasure communicating with you.

– Beryl

Thank you. I am really impressed with your service.

– PW

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