Increase in the OAL (Overall Annual Limit) – effective 1st April 2024
National Treasury annually publishes new limits under the Demarcation Regulations. As of 1 April 2024, the limit for medical expense shortfall (Gap) policies has been increased from R198,660.43 to R210,580.06. Turnberry has increased the overall annual limit on all policies we administer with these benefits, with effect from 1 April 2024. Our clients automatically qualify for the adjusted overall annual limit.

Gap cover is a short-term insurance product that helps protect you from medical expense shortfalls, which happen when your doctor charges more than the medical aid rate for in-hospital treatment, or the hospital charges co-payments for operations. These unanticipated expenses can leave you with an unexpected financial burden that you will have to pay for out of pocket. With rampant medical inflation and the cost of medical procedures constantly increasing, this could easily run into hundreds of thousands of Rands.

As medical aids are under constant pressure to balance benefits with affordable contributions, they have had to resort to creative strategies to attempt to maximise coverage. This means that co-payments now exist where previously there were none, and members are now being restricted to using certain providers at certain networks, with penalties applied if patients go outside of these networks.

Gap cover has become an essential component of any financial portfolio to protect you against potentially crippling medical expense shortfalls, no matter how young and healthy you are. Often, it is the unforeseen that can result in the most significant medical expense shortfalls, but with gap cover in place you can protect your financial wellbeing alongside your physical health.

Turnberry’s Mission is to offer our Clients security and assurance, especially during those times when they need us most.

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Premier is the umbrella sheltering your entire family. It offers a vast range of benefits to cater for unforeseen medical expense shortfalls and provides comprehensive cancer benefits.


Optimal provides a broad array of benefits – enhancing your medical aid by up to 500% of medical aid rates – all at a family-friendly price.


Synergy offers a healthy spectrum of benefits at a very attractive price. It ensures you and your family are covered for the most common types of claims, covers medical expense shortfalls of up to 500%.


This launches you into the world of Gap Cover, offering essential benefits and covering medical expense shortfalls for Specialists up to 350% of medical aid rate. Launch is one of the most price-effective Gap Cover solutions on the market.


Med-Extend has been designed to assist clients with medical expense shortfalls for Specialists and with covering Defined Procedures that have been excluded on their specific Medical Scheme option.


If you have extended family or an additional dependant registered on your Medical Scheme, you may add them onto your Policy for an additional premium per month.


International travel cover through TIC is offered as an added-value to all Turnberry Policyholders upon request. The cover ensures end-to-end emergency assistance by air, land or sea.

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Client Testimonials

Just over a year ago, at age 64, I was diagnosed with a stage 3b lung cancer, an unexpected blow that I had never anticipated and was revealed by a covid cough that would not abate. It was a difficult and emotionally turbulent time, and in the midst of arranging chemotherapy and coming to terms with my diagnosis, many blessings have shown up in my life, and a significant blessing has been the financial support from Turnberry


Excellent, easy and quick replies with quick payments, really no hassles. Must have Gap cover, without it we would have been in financial trouble, Turnberry makes it easy.  Health and medical insurance are not easy and claiming has always caused us anxiety but we can honestly say we are impressed, from sending the claims, the communication, professional and friendly staff not to mentioned the quick payments has made a difficult situation so much easier. We have been so impressed by how quickly the claims have been processed which allows us to settle the service providers quickly and we are very grateful for this excellent service.  We will be promoting Turnberry to family and friends as it has been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to dealing with your company.

Wayne Muller

My interaction with the claim submission was great.   I have unfortunately not needed to deal with the Turnberry claim staff members.   But from my experience, I would recommend Turnberry Gap Cover.  What rating would I give Turnberry – ‘from the outcome, it would be 10’.

Len von Graevenitz

It is always a pleasure with Turnberry.  My recommendation to anyone thinking of taking out Gap cover – ‘do not live without it – it is the best add on to having medical aid, reducing your headaches and stress.   Always a great partner’.   I would rate Turnberry 10 Plus.

Kevin Thomas