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Funeral Care2018-10-04T14:57:03+00:00

The cost of a funeral can be expensive and could place a financial burden on those remaining behind. This policy takes away some of the stress during a difficult time by paying a lump sum benefit upon the death of the insured person, eligible spouse or eligible child.

Premium LOW – R48 MEDIUM – R60 HIGH – R70
Insured / Spouse R5 000 R10 000 R15 000
Child aged 14 – 21 years R3 500 R7 500 R8 000
Child aged 7 – 13 years R1 500 R3 000 R4 000
Child aged 0 – 6 years R1 000 R2 500 R3 000
Stillborn R500 R1 000 R1 000

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