As a financial advisor, you know all too well the financial burden that can come with unexpected medical expenses. With rising healthcare costs and ever-increasing medical aid shortfalls, it’s crucial to ensure your clients have the right financial protection in place.

Enter Turnberry – the gap cover solution that can make all the difference. By incorporating Turnberry’s comprehensive plans into your client offerings, you’ll not only be addressing a critical need, but also positioning yourself as a trusted advisor who truly cares about their financial well-being.

Consider our top 5 claims below:

Charged by Specialists Medical Aid Tariff Shortfall Paid by Turnberry Condition
R 244 268 R 33 053 R 128 485 Polyp of nasal cavity
R 189 213 R 63 478 R 125 735 Fusion of spine lumbar region
R 187 369 R 55 530 R 124 583 Cardiomyopathy
R 164 779 R 39 048 R 119 617 Cervical disc displacement
R 185 136 R 57 351 R 115 007 Acute ischaemic heart disease

Without gap cover, these clients would have been left to shoulder massive out-of-pocket expenses – an unaffordable burden for most South Africans. But with Turnberry’s tailored solutions, you can provide the ultimate financial shield, giving your clients the peace of mind they deserve.

For more than 20 years, Turnberry has been providing cover and delivering exceptional service, innovative benefits, and ethical business practices that set it apart in the industry. From comprehensive medical expense shortfall cover to specialised cancer benefits and international travel assistance, Turnberry’s products are designed to complement and enhance your clients’ existing medical aid coverage.

Partner with Turnberry and unlock a world of opportunities for your business – all while protecting the financial futures of the people who trust you most.

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