Ultimate peace of mind for accidents and illness – the gap cover casualty benefit is an invaluable asset

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  Witness - 19th April 2022 When accidents or illness strike, they often happen at inconvenient times. Many people have had to rush to the emergency room of a hospital, only to be sent a significant bill afterward,

Don’t let unforeseen medical expenses ruin your year before it’s begun, or your financial future

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Engineering News – 28th February 2022   The last two years have been fraught with uncertainty and for many, significant financial challenges. The pandemic has resulted in many job losses, and even for people who kept their jobs, salary increases

Podcast – What is a ‘Waiting Period’ – Interview with Kaya FM Radio

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Kaya FM Interview - Wendy Bussey - 27th January 2022 https://broadcastmedia7.novusgroup.co.za/view/index.php?id=2000000000006239608&filename=Kaya_FM_344fb7a0e77c003aa28f67686e673e09.mp3&accountid=1722&server=novus   When you join a medical scheme or gap cover, it is important to understand that waiting periods may apply to the cover. These depend on how

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