Turnberry Partners with Lombard Insurance Company Limited

It is with great pleasure that I share the latest development in Turnberry’s future with you. In 2015 we embarked on a process of due diligence as we worked towards establishing our new partnership with Lombard Insurance Company Limited, who are now responsible for our underwriting requirements.

We are proud to partner with Lombard Insurance and are confident that this relationship will result in a great many benefits for Turnberry, Lombard Insurance, our policyholders, and our broker partners.

As leaders in specialist risk insurance, with over R2.3 billion in assets and an A+ rating from Global Credit Ratings for claims-paying ability, Lombard Insurance is financially solid and poised for growth. Together with our strong administrative and broker relationship capabilities, and their expertise across multiple insurance lines this relationship will create a unique growth engine for both parties. In time, we will pursue further advancements to these benefits, as well as some interesting and innovative product developments.

This partnership effectively means that Turnberry will retain its operational independence and branding, while operating as the Underwriting Management Agency (UMA) as the medical Gap insurance specialists for Lombard Insurance.

Essentially, nothing will change for our policyholders, who will deal with the same consultants, their premiums will be deducted in the same fashion, and our products will remain the same.  However, you will be requested to give your consent to this change, which will be communicated to you in the near future through your Financial Advisor.

Our biggest priority is our policyholders and broker partners. To this end, we have developed an efficient and transparent communications strategy, making our current policyholder base fully aware of this change and asking them to confirm if they are comfortable that their risk carrier moves from Constantia to Lombard Insurance.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to say that we are ever committed to our staff, our policyholders, and especially our broker partners, for whom this move offers both long-term stability and strategic direction to help find the best solutions for their customers.

I believe that transparency is essential and therefore invite you to make use of our open door policy if you have any questions or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact James or myself (Tony) and we will do our best to engage with you on this matter.

Kind regards

Tony Singleton

Turnberry CEO