Tony Singleton
In 2015 Turnberry and Lombard Insurance Company Limited embarked on a new and exciting journey. As they commenced their process of due diligence, each party has worked steadily towards establishing their new partnership, one that promises growth and innovative prospects, and Turnberry is now proud to announce that Lombard is their new short-term risk carrier.

With Turnberry’s strong administrative and broker relationship capabilities and Lombard’s reputation as a renowned leader in specialist risk insurance, as well as their A+ rating from Global Credit Ratings for claims-paying ability and over R2.3 billion in assets, this partnership marks a favourable chapter for both parties and their respective stakeholders.

Not only will Turnberry’s strengths and Lombard’s expertise across multiple insurance lines open each up to a wealth of opportunities, but their combined skills will create a unique growth engine for both. “We are proud to partner with Lombard Insurance and are confident that this relationship will result in a great many benefits for Turnberry, Lombard, our policyholders, and our broker partners,” says Tony Singleton, CEO of Turnberry.

Turnberry will operate as the Underwriting Management Agency (UMA) as the medical Gap insurance specialists for Lombard, while retaining its operational independence and branding. This move focuses on the benefits to all parties concerned, from employees to brokers and clients. Consequently, a concerted effort has been made to ensure that there will be minimal changes to existing policyholders who will continue to deal with the same knowledgeable consultants, have their premiums deducted in the same fashion, and be able to take advantage of the same excellent product offering as before.

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