Turnberry bolsters Financial Advisors business whilst increasing CX

FA News – 13th August 2020

Turnberry Risk Management Solutions, a registered financial services provider (FSP no. 36571) that specialises in Accident, Health and Travel Insurance in addition to Funeral Cover have recently launched their online platform for Financial Advisors to easily sign up new clients.

The platform is easy to use and will bolster the Customer Experience (CX) for consumers by increasing efficiency.

Moreover, with the global COVID-19 pandemic, organisations have had to find new ways to conduct business, which has increased the need for digital business tools. The insurance and financial services sector have been particularly affected, as financial advisors do most of their relationship building with client’s face to face, traditionally.

“Physical distancing has accelerated the need for digital transformation initiatives, which is where the Turnberry online platform is going to make a huge difference for insurance brokers,” explains Tony Singleton, CEO at Turnberry Management Risk Solutions.

“The biggest advantage of the platform is that clients will no longer need a printer or to physically sign, scan and email documents to sign up for the Gap Cover they need. Our digital platform is secure and incredibly easy to use. It walks prospective clients through every step of the process, and they can complete the application in the comfort and safety of their own home,” Singleton continues.

Digital enables a human touch

Built to be interactive, clients are prompted through the quotation process and once completed, the application goes through the Turnberry system and the client is issued with a policy schedule. In addition to the convenience of a digital on-boarding process, this system also loops in a financial advisor who contacts the new client to ensure that they are satisfied and understand their coverage.

“All of these are digital features that allow financial advisors to continue to deliver their services with a human touch,” he notes, “If one is not assigned by the client during the application the Turnberry system will loop a financial advisor in, so it is beneficial for them to have registered with our online platform, in addition to being able to offer their existing clients a convenient, new way to sign up for medical Gap Cover,” Singleton concludes.